Thursday, July 12, 2012

Davy Graham - Hat

Artist:    Davy Graham
Album:  Hat
Genre:   Folk
Format: CD
Label:   Fledg'ling Records 2005
Quality: FLAC
Recording Date:  1969
Size:  279.12 Mb

There's no such thing as a bad Graham album from the 1960s. While Hat isn't necessarily the first one you should dig into, it offers the standard pleasures that you expect from his records: excellent, feverishly imaginative acoustic guitar playing; vibrant jazz-blues arrangements; and covers of blues numbers, Paul Simon, and Lennon-McCartney. He's just as capable of good-time blues ("I'm Ready") and a folk cover of "Getting Better" from Sgt. Pepper as dark, slightly dissonant instrumentals with a modal/Eastern flavor. As is the case with most of his '60s albums, it's very hard to find, especially in the U.S., where Graham did not have a record deal. review by Richie Unterberger AMG

Davy Graham – vocals, guitar
Danny Thompson – bass

1 Getting Better" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 2:03
2 Lotus Blossom" (Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston) – 2:29
3 I'm Ready" (Willie Dixon) – 2:32
4 Buhaina Chant" (Art Blakey) – 2:34
5 Homeward Bound" (Paul Simon) – 2:21
6 Love Is Pleasing" (Traditional) – 2:16
7 Hornpipe for Harpsichord, Played Upon Guitar" (Purcell) – 1:31
8 Down Along the Cove" (Bob Dylan) – 2:13
9 Hoochie Coochie Man" (Dixon) – 3:38
10 Stan's Guitar" (Stan Watson) – 2:23
11 Pretty Polly" (Traditional) – 3:26
12 Bulgarian Dance" (Traditional) – 3:21
13 I Am a Rock" (Simon) – 2:20
14 Oliver" (Oliver Hunt) – 1:37


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